Statement on Donald Trump's Unfitness for Office

From the beginning of this campaign, which involved disparaging comments about Mexicans, Donald Trump has proven himself to be manifestly unfit for the highest office in the land. With his language and his actions, Mr. Trump has repeatedly and consistently shown contempt for women, immigrants, and minorities. These amount to more than moral failures or flaws in judgment. They reveal a depraved character. As Christians we believe every person carries the dignity of having been made in the image of God and no one should be treated as an object to be used. American history is scarred by the shame of human exploitation, but it is also crowned with the glory of advancing human freedom. Electing Mr. Trump to the presidency would represent a terrible step backwards for the character of our country precisely at a time when America, and the world, needs clear moral leadership.

This statement is not an endorsement of Hillary Clinton's candidacy or character, it is a denunciation of a candidate who has shown no regard for common decency, the truth, and our country.