Public Faith Statement Concerning President-elect Donald Trump

Last month, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. As our faith requires, we pray fervently for the President-elect, Vice President-elect Pence and all who are a part of his transition team.

Public Faith calls Christians to both hope and sober-mindedness. We should hope all things for President-elect Trump and his administration, desiring earnestly that God would use Donald Trump and his Administration to promote justice, peace, flourishing, and the common good. The President-elect now bears a responsibility for those who supported him and those who did not, and we are motivated by our love for our neighbor to support President-elect Trump insofar as he is willing and able to act for the well-being of our nation.

We must also be discerning and responsive to the character, policies, and abilities of Donald Trump as president. Donald Trump earned America's electoral votes, and now has the task of earning the trust of all citizens. The results of the election do not automatically yield an easy trust, particularly given the tenor of the President-elect’s campaign. The President-elect can perpetuate or calm concerns with the quality of his appointments, and we are heartened by some of the individuals he has chosen to serve. However, other appointments—especially that of Steve Bannon as senior advisor--provide legitimate cause for doubt that his Administration will be an inclusive one that rejects the politics of division.

The commitments and vision of Public Faith remain the same: we call upon the Trump administration to respect and defend the religious liberties and freedoms of all Americans, to promote just and accountable law enforcement, to pursue compassionate and realistic immigration policies, to protect human life, and to adopt economic policies that care for the neediest among us and promote upward mobility. Towards this end, we ask that senators and representatives work with the Trump administration to achieve these goals, and we ask fellow Christians to be vigilant in encouraging their elected representatives to hold Donald Trump accountable.

Public Faith Statement on the 2016 American Elections

Today is an important day in the life of our nation. Millions of Americans will head to the polls to make their voice heard and steward the influence they have as citizens in the direction of their country.

We affirm the legitimacy of our democratic process and encourage all Americans to participate through their vote. We hope voters will consider Public Faith’s vision statement as they head to the polls and that candidates will be elected who will respect human dignity, care for the vulnerable, and promote the flourishing of the communities they will serve.

Regardless of who is elected today, Public Faith is committed to working with those elected—to support them whenever possible and to hold them accountable with civility when we disagree. 

This has been a divisive election, and our politics has not been worthy of our people. But each new day in this country offers an opportunity to change course. That does not just happen at the ballot box, but in how we live in private and in public. As Christians, we commit to pursuing the well-being of our communities and a healthier politics. In light of this election, we hope our nation reassesses its political life and political imagination, and Public Faith intends to be a small part of that process.