Public Faith

A Christian Voice for the Common Good



In the midst of another divisive election and a political culture that thrives off of conflict, many Christians and other Americans are tempted to check out and claim the posture of a conscientious objector or to dig in for even greater political hostilities. We believe that neither political withdrawal nor reinvigorated culture wars by Christians will help our nation and communities through the difficult challenges we face. Instead, we seek to offer a different voice: confident and hopeful, equally full of conviction and grace. As Christians, we believe that our faith has something essential to contribute in this moment.

We invite all Christians and those of good will to join us as we advocate for a perspective that challenges political parties with a better vision. We call on Christians to work within political parties to advocate these essential ideals and to change parties or create new ones when reform is no longer feasible.

Political Vision Statement

Pluralism and 21st-Century Religious Freedom

We believe our politics must be grounded in an understanding of human dignity that transcends any divisions. When policies or structures oppress or unjustly target any group of people, we are all harmed. We are particularly concerned with the persistence of racial injustice in this country, and believe specific policies are needed to address this specific problem—particularly as it relates to the ongoing consequences of systemic racism affecting African-Americans, Latinos, and other minorities. Pluralism—the inclusion of people and groups with deep differences—requires that we address the issue of racism.

Also central to true pluralism is the continued inclusion of people of faith and religious organizations of various backgrounds and beliefs in the American political community. We believe strongly in religious freedom for all as a bedrock principle that will be essential if we are to build a more inclusive America in this new century. Such freedoms include religious minorities—including Muslims—and religions that hold beliefs that are unpopular. Religious freedom is not absolute, and religious freedom should not cause undue harm to achieve political ends, but it should only be infringed upon in the most extenuating circumstances, and only when absolutely necessary. This idea is not new, but reflected in both statutes and our Constitution. Christian institutions deserve full inclusion in American society, and efforts to starve or stigmatize Christian institutions by force of law or government-endorsed marginalization should be opposed.


We commit to advance principled pluralism in our politics, society, and communities.


Poverty, Stewardship and Caring for the Most Vulnerable

The state of our nation cannot be judged by looking just at the prosperous and well-off, but also the sick, the poor, and the hopeless. A booming economy means little if a child can’t get a decent education because she lives in the wrong zip code, or a person receives a sentence that harms a community more than helps it. We do not endorse a grand economic theory or utopian set of reforms, but we expect politicians to speak to how their policies directly alleviate poverty, combat unjust discrimination, and increase opportunity for all, including the formerly incarcerated and immigrants.

The American commitment to combat poverty and advance human rights around the world should be strengthened. This includes efforts to combat human trafficking, and to continue the progress in addressing extreme global poverty. This work will benefit from partnerships with NGOs, including faith-based organizations, and we oppose efforts that would hinder the work of organizations doing good around the world in partnership with the government.

Stewardship extends beyond finances to include our natural resources and environment. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it (Psalm 24:1), and we have a responsibility to care for it. Climate change and environmental degradation has negatively affected the poor, in particular, who do not have the resources to protect themselves from the economic, social and physical impacts of the mistreatment of God’s creation.


We commit to caring for the good of the poor, the oppressed, and the environment through our politics, society, and communities.


Strengthening Families and Reducing Abortion

Declining marriage rates and family stability combined with shifting family norms, the loss of communal values and institutions, and struggling schools have made for profound and complex challenges for American families. These challenges demand solutions that promote the dignity, liberty, and flourishing of families. While we believe that the traditional definition of marriage as being a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman is the best for families and society, we advocate for social policies that help all families flourish, regardless of makeup. A majority of children in married households live in families where both parents are wage-earners, which raises important policy questions regarding workplace flexibility, child care, paid leave and other critical issues. Our politics must speak to the growing strain families and those aspiring to marriage feel as they try to make ends meet. We support policies that seek to address these issues, while also not disincentivizing parents’ choice to have one wage-earner for the entirety or a portion of their children’s lives.

We have seen the culture wars rage over the issue of abortion for the past forty years with results that have been at turns life-affirming and toxic. We have no interest in the politicization of abortion for partisan gain. But we find that scripture, biology and the demands of human dignity require a societal response to the tragedy of abortion and the popular rhetoric that either needlessly inflames and offends or rationalizes away our responsibility to act at all. Towards that end, we believe that abortion must be opposed holistically, from the economic patterns that often drive the practice to the societal values that justify it. This includes caring for mothers throughout motherhood, advocating for adoption, and other policies that treat mothers, babies, and other family members as those made in the image of God. 


We commit to strengthen families and protect the unborn through our politics, society, and communities.



In all of these things, we commit to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord and to be at peace with all people, insofar as it is in our power. We know that there may be candidates for specific political offices for whom as a matter of conscience, we cannot support with our vote. Even if some of us cannot choose one candidate for a specific office, we commit to participating as citizens by voting on Election Day, recognizing that there are many political offices and other matters on our ballots that are of tremendous importance to seeing the above named commitments enacted. We do not presume that there is one Christian way to vote, but we believe strongly that Christians should not leave their faith outside of the voting booth.

Affirm this statement and join the effort.


Cray Allred
Ian Mcloud
Sean Thomas
Jeremy Doan
Chris C.
Matthew Metcalf
John Hawthorne
Benjamin Howard
Adina J.
Mark Gomez
Ellen Mandeville
Rebekah Mason
Wes Jakacki
Alan Sung
Kathryn Freeman
Christopher Miller
Kerri Koenig
Thomas Zak
Benjamin Williams
Sam Won
Brannon McAllister
Chris Hubbs
Myles Werntz
Cort Gatliff
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Cody Barnhart
Ryan Hamm
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Jeffrey Hart
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Andrew Whitworth
Steven McMullen
Clark Y.
S. Michael Rowell
Sarah Dahl
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Zachary Holbrook
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Jeremy Pinnix
Luke Todd
Tammie Weatherly
Phil Mobley
Jared Noetzel
Joel Gustafson
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Preston Yancey
Michael Brown
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Greg Stump
Jordan Netzer
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Kenneth Cruz
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Renee F.
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Marquis Lockhart
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Thomas Garlitz
Cody Bancroft
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Azikiwe Calhoun
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Chandler Collins
Byron Borger
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